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  Friday, December 12, 2008  
why you need these earphones - chicBuds.com
Just messing around with the video camera. :)

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  Monday, December 01, 2008  
One Year Break!
Ah, yes... it's been approximately one year since the last post. Wow... guess I got a little busy. :) I'm back to tell you about a new blog launched by our good friends at Bra Barrette. Visit http://brastrapsolutions.blogspot.com/!

P.S. And check out the new ChicBlvd.com website design!
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  Saturday, December 08, 2007  
Wanna Be on TV????
CMT Network is airing a Valentine’s Day TV special featuring an engaged couple—and they’ve asked us to help recruit YOU.

This is a positive “premarital counseling school” that truly wants to help couples merge their two worlds as they surround them with a team of experts--to ensure they have a long lasting happily ever after marriage.

Would you like to be featured… and win the GRAND PRIZE: A GREAT HONEYMOON PACKAGE!
Does he find it a challenge to be romantic? If so, CMT will take you both on a romantic picnic and show him how it’s done. Does your man find that you have a hard time even cooking Mac N Cheese? If so, CMT’s experts will bring in a famous chef to give you some tips.

Taping will be on January 3, 4 and 5th. Please email a photo, where you live, and a brief description of yourself to contactus@chicblvd.com before next Friday, December 14th.

P.S. We are also taking applications for the next ChicBlvd.com Bride to Be!
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  Thursday, May 03, 2007  
Exercise Programs to Purchase and Motivation and Positive Thinking Books

Check it out--Katie, our NEW MOM, is taking the 2 More Hours challenge. She'll be working with the personal trainer from PUSH TV for her workout sessions.

Be sure to sign up for your 30-day FREE TRIAL at www.push.tv/chicblvd!

Also, check it out--we've started a Book Review blog written by our NEW BRIDE Melissa Williams Netherton.
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  Wednesday, April 11, 2007  
Two More Chic Sites Join ChicBlvd.com's 2 More Hours!
More sites jump on board ChicBlvd.com's 2 More Hours campaign!

Kangaroodle is all about fun, functional and fabulous things for babies! From cool bib clips to stylish shopping cart covers, Kangaroodle has the perfect gear for your little one.

Buy, sell or trade your baby things for free at The Mommy Outlet! Visit today to discover great gear for kids and learn what other moms are talking about now
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  Friday, April 06, 2007  
Jewelry for Infants - Joins 2 More Hours!

This site is too cute! www.our2peasinapod.com

Our2peasinapod is joining the fun on the ChicBlvd.com 2 More Hours Campaign.

Our2peasinapod Jewelry Specializes in Custom Boutique Jewelry for Infants, Children and Adults. Bracelets, Earrings, & Necklaces for Special Occasions, Everyday Wear, Made to Match Gymboree & Many More, as well as Many Fun Character Designs!!

~Custom Orders Welcome~
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  Thursday, April 05, 2007  
Funs for your Laptop!

E.square collections aim to spice up mundane routines with fun designs. Lighten up ones with colors but not forgoing the functionality of a laptop case with meticulous attention to every detail in high quality material and workmanship. They are always in the endless pursuit of offering collections that will add funs to technology as well as adding comforts to the laptop carriers too. Carry with funs!!!

Thanks to www.edotsquare.com for joining us on the 2 More Hours campaign!
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2 More Hours Launched!
Have you discovered what 2 More Hours means yet??

The American Heart Association released a study that said for every one hour of exercise, TWO HOURS are added to your life expectancy.

For the next two months, ChicBlvd is setting out to inspire others (and ourselves ), to get in shape and take care of the bodies that we've been given! So many times we don't think there's time in our day to work out, however, working out actually creates time. And life is too short not to take that seriously!

Then, the 2nd part of this campaign is a challenge to all of us to think of something creative, bold, inspiring or even relaxing to do with all that extra time we create!

Will it be sky-diving, traveling, relaxing, going back to school, spending time with family, serving at a homeless shelter, spending more time praying, reading, learning something new, doing something crazy, pursuing your dream? What is missing from your life? Now's the time to discover it! There's power in 2 hours!

Be on the look-out for all of the fun things related to this campaign! Just to give you another tip, we have partnered with PUSH tv to offer a unique method of working out.

PUSH offers a no-hassle, ultra-affordable, super-charged, celebrity-caliber fitness plan. Each month, PUSH creates and mails a workout DVD that’s customized just for you, from the exercises incorporated, to the music, equipment, body part focus, cardio routine, and trainer of your choice. This full-body personal training system gets harder every month as you get stronger, so you never get bored or hit a plateau so you can continue to reach your fitness goals.

To get a FREE 30-day trial, visit push.tv/chicblvd!

And there's more... be watching! Make sure you're signed up for ChicMail!

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Guitars Raised Nearly $600 More for AIDS!
Congratulations to Dominic and Jim for winning the two Daisy Rock Guitars to further fight the AIDS Pandemic!
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